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Elicit's Entry Editor has a rich WYSIWYG editor with many features also found in top HTML editors like Dreamweaver, Hotdog, Topstlye and MS Frontpage. Also it has many features found in top word processors like as-you-type spell checking. Give Elicit a try and start creating the best looking content for your readers.

Want to see Elicit's Entry Editor in action? Check out our demo "Blogging Doom".

Want to know more details? Read the full Online help.

Entry Editor

You can show the tags within the designer. Edit HTML tag properties in the Properties Pane without having to edit the HTML Code. You can create advanced inline (CSS) styles using the Style Editor or use your pre-existing style "classes" . And create tables. Absolute Positioning is also http://www.bingobangosoftware.com/developers.htmed. As-you-type spell checking is available like many modern word processors. You can Preview your content. And set additional entry properties. Of course hyperlinks are available.

Inline CSS Style Editor

You can extend the editor using Elicit Stylets written in Chttp://www.bingobangosoftware.com/Create.htm, VB.NET, JavaScript or Java.

Using Stylets

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