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Stylets are the way to extend Elicit's Content Designer using a programming language (JavaScript/JScript.NET, C#, VB.NET). The intent is to provide a way to automate repetitive formatting or content entry tasks. Stylets are dynamically complied into Elicit to provide the maximum performance possible.

Stylet Menu

What can stylets do?
Format selected text with inline styles
Insert default Images or links
Insert Tags in or around selected text
Insert hyperlinks in or around selected text
Insert Tables or DIV tags
Insert any valid HTML tags

Some Ideas for Stylets
Insert Technorati hyperlink around selected word(s)
Insert a "tag statement" at the end of the entry like "powered by Elicit"
Insert an entire entry template with a standard layout so that content can be entered
Create a "pull quote" from the selected text

The limits are only your imagination. Visit the Stylets Exchange on the support forum to find new and cool Stylets in the "Stylet Exchange" available from Bingo Bango Software, Inc. or 3rd Party Developers. Give Elicit a try and start living out your blogging dreams.

Want to know more details? Read the full Online help.



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