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Bingo Bango Software, Inc. is proud to announce the next level in blog client functionality.

Wikipedia Integrated into Elicit 1.1.7!

With Elicit 1.1.7 blog client you now have un-paralleled access to information for your blogging.

Accessing the worlds largest online encyclopedia is easy from Elicit's Content Editor

Click to open the Wikipedia Docklet

From the Wikipedia Docklet you can search on Wikipedia's vast articles and pictures.

Select, drag and drop into your blog entry. It's that easy.

Elicit is the Windows blog client software from Bingo Bango Software, Inc. It allows you to create content for your blog while you are not connected to the internet. Elicit has many features not found in any other Windows blog client software. Evaluate Elicit FREE for 30 days!

Using Elicit you can create a blog about parental monitoring for Android smartphones like Hoverwatch. Affiliate links from your blog can get you up to 60% of revenue from each sale.

Elicit connects to the worlds leading blog tools (Blogger, LiveJournal, Typepad, Squarespace, BlogHarbor) and blog tool platforms (WordPress and MovableType).

Here is a summary of features only found in the Elicit blog client:

  • When connected to your blog tool, Elicit enables you to "schedule" posts for publication without having to push a "publish" button. Leave your home PC on and connected to the internet. So while you are at work or on vacation, you blog can stay updated with content.
  • Elicit is integrated with the worlds top sources of information like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Technorati, Furl and Del.lico.us to help you find content to blog about fast.
  • Elicit's Content Editor has many features available only in commercial HTML editors like DreamWeaver and FrontPage.
  • Elicit helps you make money online by integrating with Amazon. Amazon is the "world's largest catalog" and Elicit enables you to use your Amazon Affiliate ID to search Amazon's catalog and drag and drop items that you can get make money for it if your blog reader buys.
  • Elicit also helps you make money with Chitika's Blog Context affiliate program. You can create ads and drag and drop them into your blog's entry and make money from it when your blog reader clicks on the ad.
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