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Successful bloggers know that you have to publish frequently to get the attention of your readers and the ever important search engines. And many bloggers know that you have to have more than one site if you want to make money. 3 entries per day per blog is a lot of entries if you have 10 or more blogs.

Elicit helps you plan your way to blogging success. Using Elicit's Schedule you can plan entries around events, holidays, announcements or anything your blog audience is interested in. Use Elicit's Draft Calendar to have "template" or placeholder entries that you can come back to later until its time to publish.

You can schedule entries to be uploaded or published to your blogs while you sleep or while you are working that "day" job. You can have content publishing 24hrs a day 7 days a week without having to push a button. Give Elicit a try and start planning your way to your blogging dreams.

Want to see a demo? Click here to see a flash demo of Elicit's Calendar.

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Drag & Drop Entries between blogs. Copy, paste, duplicate, export, import from and to any Typepad, Blogger, Blogharbor, Squarespace, Wordpress or Livejournal blog.


Switching between dozens of Blogs is easy.


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Organize and Visualize by Month


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