Bingo Bango Support / Elicit Support / General Support InstantForum.NET v4.1.0Bingo Bango Support, 05 Feb 2007 17:23:21 GMT20cannot activate Elicit cannot register a copy so Elicit I just purchased. Like everyone else I get this message<DIV>A valid license could not be obtained for xxx. Please contact Bingo Bango Software, Inc. for assistance.</DIV><DIV> </DIV><DIV>DETAILS:</DIV><DIV> </DIV><DIV>Could not activate license with <A href=""></A>: The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship with remote server.</DIV><DIV> </DIV><DIV>From what I can see, Bibgo Bango does not seem to respond to this problem. If this problem is not resolved within 24 hours, I will ask credit card company to reverse the charge.</DIV>Mon, 15 Jan 2007 11:52:48 GMTdcabanaExpired Trial Won't Register had the trial version of Elicit 1.1.4 installed. It expired and I decided I wanted to continue to use so I purchased a license. I uninstalled 1.1.4 and installed 1.1.7. Elicit starts up then says the trial is expired. I click register and enter the registration information and key. Elicit promptly kicks me back to the trial expired &#119;indow. I will not let me register. I really would like to use Elicit but this is frustrating.<br><br>Some help would be appreciated.<br><br>Thanks,<br>DanSun, 04 Jun 2006 14:49:01 GMTdzapponeImport from text file trial version's expired. I need to know one more thing before shelling out for a license. Can Elicit import multiple posts from a single text file? <br><br>RichardMon, 05 Jun 2006 09:37:34 GMTRichardTrial won't register (1.1.7)'ve bought the product and run into the same problem as everyone else. The license key has no effect. Can you send me this famous email please? As soon as possible. Thanks.Mon, 05 Jun 2006 13:48:42 GMTRichardNew Computer<DIV>My old laptop melted down last night. Just got the new one handed to me. I re-installed Elicit, but the system won't let me activate it, since you guys think it's on another machine. Trust me, the old one is dead! Can't even get the hard drive to read in another machine. What do I do?</DIV><DIV>Doug</DIV>Wed, 07 Jun 2006 10:18:54 GMTdougkTom says, afraid to buy because can't get blog listed'm using the 30 day trial but have not been able to add my blog. I enter my blog type, blog user name, and blog password. I copy and paste the url of my blog. I don't know the image upload directory of my blog or how to find it. I hit "ok" and I get a message that Elicit was "unable to connect to the wordpress based service, please check your internet connection and user name/password."</P><P>My internet connection is working fine, and I'm sure the name/password for my blog is correct. </P><P>I also tried adding a blogger blog and got a similar message.</P><P>I like the software and want to purchase it, but I'm afraid I'll not be able to list my blog and my money will be wasted.</P><P>Thanks for any help!</P><P>TomMon, 12 Jun 2006 18:22:54 GMTTom in VermontRefund<DIV>I need an immediate refund for this software. It's not acceptable to take our money and then not respond to requests for support. I paid $50 and want it refunded immediately.</DIV><DIV>Please contact me at <A href=""></A>. </DIV>Sat, 28 Oct 2006 10:42:28 GMTRevoNew computer- can't activate<DIV>I just loaded Elicit on my new laptop, but it won't activate. I get the following message:</DIV><DIV>A valid license could not be obtained for x5731f59d3a4a0f66. Please contact Bingo Bango Software, Inc. for assistance.</DIV><DIV> </DIV><DIV>DETAILS:</DIV><DIV> </DIV><DIV>Could not activate license with <A href=""></A>: The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship with remote server.</DIV><DIV> </DIV><DIV>Please respond to <A href=""></A>.</DIV>Tue, 03 Oct 2006 20:51:56 GMTRevoChanging text color'm having a hard time changing my text color. I dont have the option in properties, unless I manually add the font tag in the html tab. The problem is that the close of the font tag gets moved as I switch back to designer. It's hassle enough that I have to manually enter the tag, but that it gets moved around like that only increases the frustration.<br><br>Tired of the silly bugsThu, 14 Sep 2006 21:59:02 GMTMarkWordPress posts won't go live (using Trial version of Elicit) latest trial version of Elicit. Post will only publish as drafts. They won't go live. I've tried the scheduled publishing and Publish Now features. Am I missing something here? Clearly the content is at my blog as I've checked via my admin panel.<br><br>I published to two different WordPress blogs with this identical result.<br><br>~TWed, 13 Sep 2006 11:52:54 GMTtpiercePing URLs understand that I can add servers to ping in the "Additional Properties" windows of a new entry.<br><br>Can someone tell me if I can have this box filled with default ping servers.<br><br>Adding manually every single ping URL is quite annoying if you have a big number of posts and can lead to errors.<br><br>Thankyou<br><br>-- AlessandroMon, 08 May 2006 01:32:21 GMTAlessandroActivation problem just added memory to my machine and my copy of Elicit will not work anymore. It asks me to validate the license, and when I try the validation fails. I am sure there is a way to reverse this. ¿Isn't there?Mon, 27 Mar 2006 05:36:48 GMTepedrenoChange Google News Docklet to Google's German Site can I change the Google News Docklet from to<br><br>Mon, 10 Apr 2006 14:24:45 GMTklaus1406Posting suddenly stops!! bought this product yesterday without having tested it properly - my bad!! It started with having some problems in publishing my posts.. then it went smoothly. But today none of my posts got published. I would schedule it on the calendar.. but the time would come and go and .... NOTHING!! Wonder why??<br><br>Any reason?? Or thoughts!!<br><br>Cant you have a simple button called Publish - which simply publishes the post RIGHT AWAY!!! I dont really care for this scheduling calendar nonsense!! Its a waste for me!<br><br>dkaps<br><br>Wed, 05 Jul 2006 21:32:13 GMTdkapsI'm not impressed. posted a question a couple of weeks ago and still no reply on this forum or by email. <P>I need better support than this before I can spend money. </P><P><img align="absmiddle" src="/support/Skins/Classic/Images/EmotIcons/Angry.gif" border="0" title="Angry"></P><P>I think I would like to use Elicit but since I can't get it to link to my blog on the trial version and can't get my question answered I don't dare make the purchase.Thu, 29 Jun 2006 18:00:07 GMTTom in VermontSecond post: Please Service of Bingo Bango contact me. contact me in <br>Purchase of Elicit done on May, 112th 2006<br>I have the screen capture, and the number of receipt from your bot, but I have no received any mail, nor key, from you.<br>Thank you.Mon, 19 Jun 2006 06:11:29 GMTzikeziBloglines Support<DIV>Suddenly, last night and today, I can't get my bloglines subscriptions to show up in Elicit. Did they change their API?</DIV><DIV> </DIV><DIV>Doug </DIV>Thu, 01 Jun 2006 12:18:37 GMTdougkIs this software dead? have been looking for a program like this for a long time and was going to purchase until I came to the forum.<br><br>Looks like no support for over a month!<br><br>Jim<br><br>Wed, 25 Oct 2006 19:24:57 GMTnewportStill cannot update and no response from support still cannot update. I just downloaded the installer again today, hoping that the installer was for the newest version. I have 1.1.4 which is not allowing me to update when updates are available. When I saw that 1.1.7 was released, I came back to get the new installer file. I ran the 1.1.7 installer, but it still says it's 1.1.4 and that updates are available. If I can't update, how can I get the newest version. I've asked this question before and have received no answer. <br><br>It seems ridiculous to not have the newest version in the installer.<br><br>I'm getting disappointed in the product and the support. I paid for the product with the idea of supporting the company and product. The company should support me in return.<br>Sun, 07 May 2006 08:52:51 GMTWVGoldenwolfCan't access elicit...,<br>Has anyone found a remedy for not being able to activate the software. I've used it for almost a year with no problems and now I can't activate the license I guess.<br><br>Any help would be appreciated.<br><br>Thanks,<br>MarkThu, 05 Oct 2006 21:32:47 GMTgolfwizePurchased but wont register day left on the trial. I purchased via the buy now button and received my paypal receipt and email with the key. I enter the key in the serial number field and next time I run elicit it still asks me to register or run as a trial. Whats up with that?Wed, 01 Mar 2006 16:21:40 GMTMarkMy flicker long does it take for photos uploaded to my flicker account to show in the flicker docklet? For some reason some that I loaded a week ago are not showing yetFri, 19 May 2006 20:49:31 GMTMarkElicit purchase not complete. Email confirmation not received, nor key. have purchase Elicit through PayPal one week ago. I haven't recieved any mail about this purchase, nor the key. It could be a problem with the IExplorer during the transaction. I have confirmed the charge in my Visa of 23,11 Euros to BB Software. I have a screen capture of the receipt from Pay Pal on 05/12/2006<BR>Please contact with me or show me the way to mail to you. I. Thank you.<BR>Juan Pablo<BR>Fri, 19 May 2006 01:11:54 GMTzikezimsn spaces help i put in my live account and password and it didn't work, am I doing something wrong?<br><br>thanks for the previous support help also!<br><br>great job!<br><br>wayneTue, 16 May 2006 20:00:51 GMTwayne12Podcasts I use Elicit to upload audio attachments to my podcast feed? I'm using Squarespace.Tue, 11 Apr 2006 08:16:27 GMTRichardPlease fix this or give me a refund,</P><P>I purchased your product last night and installed it. When I click on the executable or the shortcut nothing happens. I have uninstalled/reinstalled, rebooted, tried the repair option in the install and probably a couple of other things I can't remember because I was too exhausted by that time to think straight. I sent an email to support, but have not received a reply. If someone could please assist me with this, I would be most appreciative. I honestly want to give your product a try. I think it has tremendous possibilities. However, I have to admit, this is not the best first impression...</P><P>Please do not take this as an attack. I am not angry, just frustrated as I'm sure you would be if you purchased a product that didn't work. If someone can assist me in getting the product up and running, I will be a happy camper.Mon, 01 May 2006 07:35:00 GMTpetesatrainInternational Characters Support have a wordpress blog that has entries in both Arabic and English. The English post are working fine but the arabic ones are acting wiered. The titles of the Arabic posts are displayed correctely but the content area is nothing but a bunch of unrecognizable characters.<br><br>Any Ideas?Sat, 06 May 2006 13:13:44 GMTShamyamanBlog Title Too Long have a really weird problem. I just reformatted my computer and have been reinstalling programs. Elicit went in just fine - in fact it seemed to be working better than ever before. But now, I can't use it at all! I am going nuts.<br><br>The titles of the blogs are so long, there is no room for the flip-down arrow to take me to the other blogs I have within Elicit. I cannot control the names of the blogs as these are network blogs. So that isn't an option. But I can't go from one blog to the other.<br><br>At this point, Elicit is totally worthless and I am totally frustrated. The problems I had before are resolved but I have no way to get to the calendar and do my posting. <br><br>I can't lower the font size on my computer any more than it is, as I wouldn't be able to see it. I have to have it set a bit larger. Is there any way at all to change the name of the blog just for myself on Elicit only?Sun, 23 Apr 2006 19:38:34 GMTWindchimesOne-Click Publish? All<br><br>I'm evaluating Elicit as a blog client. One of the features that I need is to be able to post-date a schwack of entries a couple of times a week. I don't want them waiting in my Elicit client, I want them up on my MT server waiting to be published.<br><br>I can achieve this by writing a post and selecting Entry -> Save & Publish and then finding the entry in my calendar and selecting Publish. I'd like this to be one step, though.<br><br>Possible?Sun, 30 Apr 2006 18:22:34 GMTjonwatsonVer 1.17 is great, and a wordpress 2.0 question Blaine and all bingo-bangers....</P><P>Version 1.17 with the new wikipedia docklet is terriffic.<BR>It's just so fast, convenient, and content-smart<BR>to have these docklets to Technorati, the news sites,<BR>bloglines, etc.... and now wikipedia! Great stuff.</P><P><STRONG><FONT color=#dd1111>And, I am really feeling the need to upgrade<BR>the wordpress blogs to 2.0</FONT></STRONG> for the security,<BR>and the ability to use widgets in the sidebars<BR>(makes editing and creating new blogs so easy).</P><P>Is Elicit tested OK to use on WP 2.x blogs yet?</P><P>Jim Van Wyck<BR>PS... I have exto, Qumana, etc<BR>and still Elicit is by far the best desktop blogging application.<BR>... but we gotta get hooked into WP2.0Wed, 19 Apr 2006 06:36:11 GMTJim Van WyckURL for images disappears have a problem adding an URL to an image. I mark the image and click on the button "insert hyperlink". I fill in the required text and URL and click OK. But it will not be saved. It disappears <img align="absmiddle" src="/support/Skins/Classic/Images/EmotIcons/Sick.gif" border="0" title="Sick"><br><br>Tue, 11 Apr 2006 06:11:14 GMTklaus1406Registration Question I correct in pressuming that registration is limited to one computer?<br>Since I use different computers for blogging this would change my mind about buying the program.<br><br>mentalloMon, 03 Apr 2006 13:55:00 GMTmentalloSpell checker still not working bought the software when 1.1.4 came out. I had disabled spell checking because it was causing large problems. I have not re-enabled the auto spell checking (I don't know if it is still a feature) but the F7 spell checker is not working as well as I would hope. <br><br>-- the spell checker thinks numbers are miselled words.<br>-- if you add a word tot he dictionary the spell checking stops and must be restarted.<br>-- undercertain conditions if you add a word to the dictionary the word will still cause the spell checker to choke. Then you get an error saying the word is already in the dictionary and you cannot get further in the post with spellcheck.<br>Sat, 31 Dec 2005 19:20:48 GMTStingrayUpdate?<DIV>Hey, guys! What's the timetable for any updates?</DIV><DIV>Doug</DIV>Tue, 07 Mar 2006 17:23:24 GMTdougkPlugin for Explorer that will open Elicit with the link prepopulated in the draft would like to be able to blog directly from explorer by having a button that would open Elicit and have the link prepopulated in the draft box. </P><P>Is there anything like that?Mon, 13 Mar 2006 17:13:59 GMTMSpadeaChitika options would be nice to have some regarding the size of the ad that we can insert in our post. One that is more square would work better in blogger, as it is, the bannner nearly takes up the entire space of a standard template but a not so wide square shape would fit off to the side easily with text flowing around. Also, if we could change the colors to blend with our blog better, like we can with their eMiniMalls that would be great. Perhaps a couple of square sizes to choose from if possible.<br><br>I did notice that the properties for the chitika adds were a bit glitchy or maybe it was just properties for images in general. It seems the border when turned on to a size of "1" didnt always show or wasnt consistent in what color was shown.Thu, 09 Mar 2006 22:03:06 GMTMarkWhat happened?! still have 13 days on my trial but i opened up Elicit 1.1.5 today and no blog entries and nothing at all when I go to 31 day view. I was able to get previous entries but I can't get the draft calendar to display at all.Fri, 17 Feb 2006 10:57:44 GMTMarkOK to use WP 2.0 Blaine and all....</P><P>Are all the issues with Word Press 2.0 fixed?</P><P>Should I upgrade my blogs to 2.0<BR>or wait a bit to keep Elicit working with images, etc.</P><P>JimTue, 07 Mar 2006 11:59:23 GMTJim Van WyckIssue with images (Blogger) insert .jpg images via the Insert Image icon. I see them and I publish the entry. When I view the blog, there is only a tiny, empty rectangle where the picture is supposed to be. What could be the problem? I am using Elicit's latest version and posting to, 26 Feb 2006 19:01:14 GMTJulioUpdate Error and Some Other Issues a while of not being able to get into the forums, I'm now back thanks to Blaine... with some issues.<br><br>1. I downloaded 1.1.4 this evening and installed it over the trial (which had expired).... then bought the program. After getting everything working again, I did "check for updates" which informed me that an update was available and when I clicked "yes" the program errored with "Specified Cast Is Not Valid".<br><br>2. If I right click on a time in day calendar view, and choose NEW ENTRY, the entry window will often pop UNDER the calendar view window instead of on top. Then I have to click it on the task bar, which minimizes it, then click it again on the task bar to restore it back to the front of the calendar view &#119;indow.<br><br>3. One issue is what appears to be a completely random pattern by Elicit of skipping putting the Title of a post as the Subject; which happens mostly on the Livejournal posts but sometimes on Blogger. I have a couple of blogs that are similar on Blogger and on LiveJournal. So, a few of the posts are put on both. If I make a post to the Blogger one in Elicit and copy it to the livejournal one, for instance, most of the time (but not always) the subject does not get inserted in the livejournal post and sometimes not in the blogger post either. The post will simply have the time, with no Subject. <br><br>4. I haven't had a chance to check with the new version, but when I was using the trial, my posts would often not show up and I'd have to delete them, re-enter them, save them and then schedule and publish for them to work. In this issue, and number 3 above, I will make a post --usually for the future -- and click SAVE AND PUBLISH. Then, I hold down the control key and drag the post to the other blog(s) in the calendar view, so that both blogs show the post to be scheduled in the near future. The post will often not get published on the blog the post was copied to. I discovered that if I just saved the post and then copied it to the other blogs, then went back to mark each one of them to schedule and publish, it would mostly work.<br><br>One issue might not be an issue, but rather that I just haven't figured out how to do it yet. How do I choose mood/music/userpic in a LiveJournal post?<br>Thu, 15 Dec 2005 20:57:57 GMTWVGoldenwolf